Smooth yellow seashores soften into turquoise waters. Tanned surfers set out to conquer rushing waves. Dancing women clad in leafy garlands stir the air with flaming knives. It’s amazing how a short name can speak of so many grand things.

Maui is a symbol of adventure, exuberance and festivity. It’s where Humpback whales come to winter from frigid Alaskan waters. It’s where fruit and macadamia nuts are harvested aplenty. It’s where people meet nature and nature meets people, a true confluence of life, love, and the world at large.

You can see why we’ve named the Azure’s 7th Tower after Hawaii’s scintillating paradise. It’s one more reason for you to invest in the Azure Urban Resort Residences.

We invite you to see your summer dreams come true. Come home to the sun, sand, and celebration. Come home to Maui at the Azure.