Paris Hilton is ranked among the top 20 most popular celebrities in the world, according to Google.

She was named as the "Billion Dollar Entrepreneur" by Variety Magazine for building a global branding empire.

Her book, Confessions of an Heiress, was on the New York Times Bestseller list for five weeks.

After Paris was seen clutching a copy of The Power of Now, sales of the spiritual manual flew up the Amazon chart from 5,000-plus to the top 200.

She is a true style leader and influencer.


Paris receives requests to endorse 25 brands a week. Only 1% of all proposals are accepted, making her affiliation with Azure and Century Properties truly rare and groundbreaking.


For more than 15 years, Paris has built a very successful design business, with over 17 different product lines from clothing, handbags, fragrances and many others. Among her numerous style influences, she considers her mother, Kathy Hilton, as her greatest mentor. At a very young age, Paris and her sister Nicky were constantly exposed to the world of fashion and glamour, tagging along with their mother while seated front-row at exclusive runway shows in Paris, New York and Italy.

As a woman of both timeless and modern appeal, Paris tirelessly seeks out new ideas to harness her penchant for style and design. When asked to describe her design philosophy, Paris told the celebrity style magazine StyleBistro, "I think I'm very original. I like to do my own thing. I take risks, I like to have fun."

Coming from a family that is very much steeped in real estate tradition, Paris has long yearned for this opportunity to extend her creativity into her very first real estate venture.

She truly possesses a keen eye for design and a talent for creating things of beauty and luxury.


Paris upholds the legacy of her family name with her partnership with Century Properties and the Azure.

Her knowledge of the highest standards in luxury living, exposure to business excellence, and her free-spirited style and glamour make Paris a valuable partner in creating a completely unique lifestyle experience at the Azure.

The Beach Club project will now encapsulate the essence of Paris, showcasing her world-class standards in design, amenities and services. This is truly a celebration of Paris' real estate heritage and Century's tradition of raising the bar for condo living in the Philippines.