Flowing water is a symbol for wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui, and that symbolism manifests itself at Wave Loch. Since 1991, Wave Loch has been flowing water and customer profits with an increasingly sophisticated line of artificial waves; sheet waves, and surfing wave pools.

A La Jolla, California based company founded by a surfer and run by wave-riders, Wave Loch packages the power, speed and challenge of ocean waves and delivers that package as fast and furious as 250,000 gallons a minute at 30 MPH.

As the originating product line, Wave Loch’s proprietary sheet wave technology uses submersible pumps to create non-stop, flowing and curling waves over a soft-padded surface in an enclosed system measured in square feet, not surface acres.

Around the world, from Alabama to China to South Africa, there are Wave Loch sheet waves - a.k.a. “FlowRider” - on the stern of cruise ships, indoors at retail malls, at an Army rehab facility, in the back yards of Texas billionaires and Arabian sultans, and at more than 100 water parks, swim centers, municipalities, theme parks, hotels, resorts and private homes around the world.